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Castle of Monale

A place of history and ancient charm
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Castello di Monale: location for weddings in Asti

Il castle of Monale it is an imposing medieval building that has been modified several times over the centuries and rises on the hill of San Giovanni overlooking the rest of the town. The Middle Ages and the eighteenth century form an austere, but at the same time harmonious, form of the building which is characterized by a baroque portal in the entrance to the courtyard. The side overlooking the valley offers the solidity of the manor rising up on the ramparts that surround it and the two bodies rise up a square with square corner towers. The medieval plan proposes the unfolding of halls of different sizes with wonderfully frescoed ceilings, the largest of which is enriched by a large fireplace with the coat of arms of the family and surrounded by the portraits of the ancestors; the library, which houses the collection of old books of the family, is furnished in a nineteenth-century style.

The ample frescoed halls, the courtyard and the park are one ideal location for weddings, parties, small conventions and artistic, cultural and cultural events food and wine tours.

The castle is surrounded by a large park with ancient trees. From the front door a long tree-lined avenue can be set up in case of demonstrations.

History of the Castle of Monale

From the documents conserved in the Capitular Archive of Asti and the State Archives of Turin, the historical events involving the Castle of Monale date back to 1161. The building, mentioned from the 12th century onwards, was destroyed in the 1305 and later rebuilt by the noble family of the Asinari family, lords of Costigliole.

A medieval castle

At that time a part of the fief belonged also to the Scarampi, rich Asti bankers. Manuele, son of Antonio Asinari receives the investiture of Monale in 1382 and holds the castle and the village up to 1387, year in which all the territory passes under the dominion of the Orleans due to the French marriage of Valentina Visconti, Lady of Asti and of the surrounding area.
When in the sixteenth century the fief was divided into twenty-first, the Scarampi retained the largest share and remain the owners of the Castle.
The Scarampi family happens over the centuries until you get to the last Scarampi di Monale, two sisters born in the nineteenth century: Paola and Adele. Adele married Count Carlo Gani, a diplomat, philanthropist, former Consul of Spain in Turin and since then the Castle belongs to the Gani family. Precisely the Conti Gani gave notice to one big restoration work according to the taste of the time, highlighting the medieval aspect rather than the eighteenth century.


Location for weddings and private events Langhe and Monferrato

The historic residence, the large park, the courtyard, the three large frescoed halls constitute one ideal location for weddings, ceremonies, small conferences and artistic and cultural events. The different environments allow refined and fascinating settings in aatmosphere of other times.

Within the walls, a ample parking offers easy access to guests. In the access climb to the Castle is the baroque church where marriages can be celebrated religious, civil marriages can be celebrated within the park or in an indoor gallery.

The experience of sleeping in an Asti castle

La Foresteria del Castello welcomes guests in three finely restored rooms with period furniture with Bed & Breakfast service for one stay in a picturesque setting in absolute silence on a hillock of the Asti hills and with the possibility of enjoying one beautiful view.
The structure is available for the setting of film and video advertising.
Guided tours for groups can be organized by appointment.


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Price: € 120 / day
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 8
Events Salons: 3
Places For Events: 130
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Phone: 39 3355427753
Address: Piazza Gani, 5
Postal Code: 14013
Country: Italy
Phone: 39 3355427753

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