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Villa Caprera

a charming Venetian villa for unforgettable private events
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Villa Caprera

Immersed in the Venetian countryside, in Castello di Godego, in the province of Treviso, Villa Caprera is a structure dating back to the eighteenth century, which retains the charm of the era in which it was built. Typical country manor house, it does not have the bursting majesty of the great Venetian villas, but in its small size, in its being cozy, welcoming and graceful it reveals itself as a man-sized villa.

The villa is surrounded by a large park of over six hectares that offers wonderful paths among century-old plants, native vegetation and flower gardens, in the company of pets and others who have found a welcoming and safe environment here.
The park also acts as a real architectural barrier, isolating the villa from the surrounding area and preserving it as a precious gem. To make the presence of the element of nature even more complete, two watercourses: the Muson stream, which marks the front boundary of the property and the Musonello, a canal that crosses the park and flows under the villa; once it was used to cool rooms during the summer.

Villa Caprera was recently purchased by the Santi family who transformed it into the spearhead of their catering and banqueting business, as well as using it as a location to organize unforgettable parties.
Located a few kilometers from Castelfranco Veneto, Asolo and other places of interest in the Province of Treviso, Villa Caprera is a jewel to discover and is available to all those who want to spend their most important moments in a magical place.


The villa of the noblewoman Foscarini has been reported since 17 March 1778 in a regulatory project of the Muson stream and the Musonello canal in the territory of Castello di Godego. In the 800th century, the owner, a general of the Garibaldi army, whose name could not be traced, decided to title the villa with the name of the town of the hero of the two worlds. Subsequently also the Bassanese road, built in 1830, which connects Bassano to Castelfranco Veneto, will take the name of the villa, keeping it until today.
In the 900s Villa Caprera became the property of the heirs of Ubaldo Serena, a family well known in Castelfranco Veneto for its distillation activity: it was their country villa.

From 20 November 1947 it became the permanent home of the Marquis Vincenzo D'Ayala Valve, a knight of the Order of Malta, of Spanish origin, born in Naples in 1905, who married Silvia, one of Ubaldo's daughters.
During the Second World War the Germans used the villa as a base: it is said that they controlled the territory by lurking on the highest poplar in the park. While the cellars were used as an icebox for food reserves.
After the war, Villa Caprera became the usual meeting place of the European nobility thanks to the numerous parties given by the owners. Among the most illustrious guests we remember Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Genoa.

After the death of the Marquis Ayala Valve, in 1995, the heirs abandoned the villa, causing a serious deterioration in both the building and the park.
It is only thanks to Fabrizio and Gloria Santi, the new owners, that Villa Caprera has returned to its former glory: the restoration of the villa and the park is a source of pride for the local artistic and cultural heritage.

Today, thanks to the commitment of the Santi family, everyone can experience magical moments in Villa Caprera that only a past so rich in history can evoke.


Villa Caprera is now inextricably linked to the Santi family and has become the favorite setting for all catering, banqueting and events organized by the owners.
Thanks to the recent restoration work it is able to satisfy any need, both for individuals and for companies, while retaining the charm of the past, as can be seen from the exclusive but always welcoming atmosphere that takes depending on the different occasions and that changes with the passing of the seasons. Open all year round, it is kept and cared for daily to preserve its artistic and naturalistic beauties, while during special occasions it is populated with the incessant work of the Santi staff that leads it to relive the glories of the past.

With its numerous rooms and lounges, the enchanting greenhouse, the tensile structure and the party hall, Villa Caprera lends itself to numerous uses: from a simple dinner to a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event and much more.
The park, in addition to the possibility of relaxing walks surrounded by greenery, offers fascinating views that can become backgrounds for photo shoots, and even for outdoor parties during the summer or in the large tensile structure built in the back of the villa.
Villa Caprera also reserves for the newlyweds the opportunity to spend the first wedding night in a magical place thanks to the magnificent suite that covers the entire first floor, in addition to two other rooms for couples who already have children.

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