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Villa Clerici

A charming historic villa in the center of Erba
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Villa Clerici in Erba

Villa Clerici is located in the center of Erba, about 50 min. from Milan and Lugano. Built in the middle of the '700 as a silk factory it was transformed into a summer residence at the end of 800. Always owned by the Clerici family, it is presented in its original architecture.
Depending on the needs can accommodate from small private receptions and exclusive up to events with a capacity of 120 / 200 people.

The particularity of the Villa is to be able to prepare spaces of different types, from the court connected to the Limonera and Theater, to the Hall of the parties with adjacent lounges and terraces, to the park of 10.000 square meters with adjoining pond and fountain games.
The villa also has a small one Chapel for exclusive celebrations on request.


The history of Clerici family has its roots in the eighteenth century and continues up to the present day, shaped by those who were its most prominent exponents and influenced the course with their choices and vicissitudes.
Belonging to the Lombard middle class, many lived and worked in the municipalities of Erba, Crevenna and Incino. The ancestors chose Erba to start businesses, acquire a certain number of lands and properties and enter fully into the social and economic life of the time.

Ludovico Clerici (1714-1796) and his wife Margherita Croce, they had ten children, seven males and three females. Giuseppe (firstborn) decided to build a spinning mill and a spinning machine in the municipality of Crevenna to guarantee an occupation and a sure source of income for each of the brothers. The start date of the activity and the opening of the firm Giuseppe and F.lli Clerici, takes place between the 1768 or the 1769.

The passage from spinning to Villa takes place at the end of the '800 at the hands of theIng. Carlo Clerici.
Leading industrialist he founded Clerici, Conti & C. first with Ettore Conti for the production and distribution of electricity in some districts of Milan. Later it became Edison company, ing. Clerici & C. and finally OSRAM., for the manufacture of the lamps, the 10 April 1897 arose in Milan.

Carlo Clerici remained at the helm of the company until the 1950s of the 1900, first as President and then as Honorary President.

The services offered

Villa Clerici is a place of great charm and privacy, suitable for hosting:
photo shoots and movie sets
private and corporate events

Prices for events

- Weddings starting from 2.000,00 €
- Photo shoots starting from 1.000,00 per day
- For other events on request

The Villa can be visited upon reservation

Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Places For Events: 120
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 3474863535
Address: Via Ferraris, 3
Country: Italy
Phone: 3474863535

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