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Villa La Meridiana

A charming residence where you can experience the history of Salento
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Villa La Meridiana - Caroli Hotels in Castrignano del Capo

Villa La Meridiana is a refined dwelling of charm of the 1874, with its unmistakable yellow ocher and Pompeian red façade, set in summer by bouganvilee waterfalls, a stone's throw from the sea.

It has an apartment (dedicated to the tenor of Lecce Tito Schipa) overlooking the private garden (with four-poster bed and star vaults, a living room with wrought iron sofas and a sitting room for those who want to read a book from the small library) and four rooms on the main floor (each dedicated to a Salentine scholar: Girolamo Comi, Giulio Cesare Vanini, Vittorio Bodini, Luigi Corvaglia) opening onto a hexagonal salon: they are all different from one another for furnishings, they have star ceilings and overlook a circular terrace overlooking the sea. Here and there some pieces of modern art.

On the main floor are also the halls with beautiful floor mosaics (where to chat with the other guests of the house) that reproduce variety of Salento fruits (some now endangered): from figs to pomegranate, from medlar to grape pizzutella ".

An endowment with all the best comforts (heating and air conditioning with thermostatic control, direct telephone, wi-fi internet, small tisane, library) allows you to find in a warm and welcoming environment the comfort of an elegant hotel room, with in addition, the privacy and freedom offered by a stay that gets rid of the rituals of hotel life and retains only the convenience: from daily cleaning to breakfast served in the time you prefer.

Breakfast is served in the circular “Salone dei Mosaici”, overlooking the sea, using the family porcelain with a pure gold border. The jams are homemade and come from the family orchards: bitter oranges, quinces, pears, black grapes, peaches, apricots, grapefruits, mandarins, almond-scented figs, are just some of the specialties that you can enjoy with wheat cooked in a wood oven, which smells of olive, or transformed into fragrant tarts. In the background, the splendid voice of the tenor Tito Schipa. Alternatively, breakfast can be served on the sea view terrace of the adjacent Hotel Terminal

In the library, an LCD TV, a PC with Internet connection, a bookcase with shelves dedicated to the Salentinian writers whose rooms are entitled.

Villa La Meridiana has no restaurant, but you can book a table at the restaurant of the adjacent Hotel Terminal where the best of Salento's gastronomy is staged. Alternatively, lunch or dinner can be served directly in the villa, by reservation, choosing between the daily dishes proposed by the Hotel Terminal Chef, many of which are 0 km.

Around, the nineteenth-century garden with bougainvilleas and roses, honeysuckles and jasmine and the watering hole for birds that flew over and fly over Santa Maria di Leuca in the period of migration. At the top of the house, a lantern-lookout, a sort of small "pensatoio" from which you can enjoy a view of 360 ° on Santa Maria di Leuca, between the seagulls, a stone's throw from the sky.

Guests can also use the private beach and the Hotel Terminal swimming pool. The beach (equipped with deckchairs, sun loungers and a sunshade) is located right in front of the villa, beyond the seafront: the guards an ancient "bagnarola", a sort of dressing room (in the same colors of the villa) that communicates directly with the sea and that was used by the ladies of the house to wear a swimsuit and enter the water protected from prying eyes. A small dovecot in the Pompeian ocher and red colors of the villa is the background to the pool, surrounded by eclectic "fin de siècle" villas.

Quality shopping at your doorstep, in the ancient stables of the villa, where you can make greedy purchases, local products selected by "La Dispensa di Caroli": from the prickly pear liqueur to the rose rosolio, from the paté of olives to the "pampasciuni" , from pear and fig jam to dried tomatoes, not to mention the wines and extra virgin olive oil with cold pressing.

A boat trip to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca is absolutely not to be missed, with a stop for a swim in the crystal clear water of the Ionian or Adriatic, while PADI instructors will accompany you to discover the richest and most spectacular dive sites. From the excursion menu, instead, you can book classic tours (Lecce, Gallipoli, Otranto) or those less known but equally evocative (the baroque of Galatone and Nardò, Galatina and the cathedral of Santa Caterina of Alessandria with the cycle of frescoes of the recently restored Giotto school, the artisan laboratories of Capo di Leuca), also being able to count on a personalized guide service, in Italian or in Italian.

In short, a buen retiro that enchants, whose luxury lies in being few. For a holiday in contrast, because Villa La Meridiana does not have TV in the room (to really get away from it all ...), it does not have a spa, it does not flaunt minimal-chic furniture, nor antiques from the era. In the rooms, in the halls, the passage of the people who have moved in the house is felt, and of that house the passing guest feels part of it.

The history of Villa La Meridiana

Santa Maria di Leuca was until the end of 800 a modest fishing village, until the extreme beauty of the coast did not attract the attention of the rich Salento families who transformed the village into a well-known tourist resort. Around the village so impressive and beautiful villas have sprung up, each with its characteristic architectural style, some rigorous and others decidedly extravagant, Gothic, Moorish, Neoclassical and Pompeian, which today embellish with their presence the littoral shoreline.

These are real elegant residences, complete with a park, private chapel, stable for horses and carriage for carriages where the families of the rich bourgeoisie and the Salento aristocracy spent the summer, between swimming in the sea, and walks for the village, a fishing trip and conversations in the elegant lounges. The interiors richly decorated with frescoes and mosaics were to be a party of luxury and pomp, with their precious furniture and luxurious furnishings.

Unfortunately, the historical events including the Second World War that left some of its buildings with large traces of its passage, have made sure that they have been partly ruined. Private of all metal decorations stolen for the production of weapons, seized to the owners to make centers for the displaced people, heavily restructured at the end of the conflict today many of them lie drooping and abandoned and only some retain their original majesty and beauty. Only in recent years the beautiful villas have regained a certain interest and many are slowly returned to the ancient splendor. Some are adapted to luxury hotels where you can enjoy unforgettable stays.

Among these, perhaps best preserved, we mention Villa Meridiana with an art deco - eclectic façade and the solar clock that gives it its name.

Year built: 1874
Designer: ing. Giuseppe Ruggieri
One of the first noble residences of SM di Leuca, built by Eng. Ruggieri, in 1874 for himself and his family, takes the name of "La Meridiana"; the name is not due to chance, because on the west elevation of the main floor he places a circular sundial; the date of construction of the villa is placed inside it, 1874.
You enter the villa after crossing the wonderful garden, which once lapped the cliff; the elegant dwelling has a vague neoclassical flavor, with two-color plaster with rust-colored stripes and mustard facing the sea.

The planimetric scheme of the villa of extreme rationality, is set on a square of m.18.00 on the side; on the ground floor there are two hexagonal rooms (stable and stables), others with a square, rectangular and triangular shape; all this plan was intended for servitude, deposit and other functions. The main floor has: a rectangular entrance that gives onto two polygonal rooms, a central room, on which there are four square rooms (bed), which are connected with the services of a triangular polygonal shape and a large circular hall.

The main entrance of the villa is located on the east side, it has two fluted Ionic columns and four pilasters, two windows, a string-course band, a masonry parapet and a throwing stairway. The entrance is raised (m.3.76) compared to the garden and can be reached via a staircase with two flights high up in a common landing, under the stairwell is the entrance to the rooms intended for servants and storage. On the north and south sides, on the ground floor there is a portico that gives access to the service rooms while, on the first floor, in correspondence with the portico, there is an elegant bay-window (so called because rectangular shaped) with masonry and iron parapet, furthermore, there are some openings, a string course and the parapet. The west side overlooks the sea, on the ground floor there is the entrance to the stable and two windows, while on the first floor there are two rectilinear bodies, with two ellipsoidal openings and a convex body with three openings marked with extreme clarity by four pilasters fluted, at the top you can see the sundial, the string course and the parapet.

The most characteristic element of the whole building is a small hexagonal lantern-lookout, which allows, once reached by three straight staircases, to observe the whole Leuca marina. Also interesting are the six architectural structures in the form of a "pagoda" placed in the garden, two are on Via La Minerva at the edge of the property, one in front of the villa on the south-west side, two on Via di Leuca and the last on the rocks, (bagnarola), which served to the women to stay in costume without being observed.

Services: charming hotels, wedding locations and events in Salento

Villa la Meridiana offers the following services:
- Outdoor swimming pool with shallow water area, poolside bar, bath towels
- sun terrace
- Terrace
- garden
- library
- Pets allowed only in the ground floor apartment
- private beach front equipped with sun beds and awnings with the possibility of various sports activities: snorkeling, scuba diving, cycling, hiking, bicycle rental, table tennis, fishing
- Daily cleaning service; EXTRA ironing and laundry service
- Business services: fax / photocopying, meeting / banquet facilities
- common room / TV area
- airport shuttle (for a fee)
- shuttle service (for a fee)
- air conditioning
- heating
- shops (on site) La Dispensa di Caroli Scuderia Villa La Meridiana
- car rental
- souvenir shop
- safe
- bridal suite
- VIP room services
- availability of family rooms
- non-smoking rooms
- newspapers on request
- room service

Catering services:
- Possibility of breakfast in the room or on the adjacent terrace of the Hotel Terminal
- Lunch, Dinner: Le Bagnarole restaurant (adjacent)
- Aperitif: Hotel Terminal terrace, beach, swimming pool, sea view balcony, villa garden
- Cooking lessons at Scuderia Villa La Meridiana
- WiFi internet available free of charge
- Parking not available, but agreement with public and private parking lots
Reception services: concierge service, luggage storage, ticket service, tour desk, Check-in takes place at the Hotel Terminal, located next to the hotel and equipped with a 24-hour reception.

Places of interest nearby

The charm of Leuca, of this jewel set in the rock and embraced by the sea is also linked to its villas, all unique for their style and uniqueness and all steeped in history.
In the 1868 the villas located in the marina were ten and from there to a year became fifteen, up to reach the number of winds in the 1876; just five years later they reached forty-three.
It seemed that everyone was contesting the primacy of the most beautiful villa, with the land exposed to the sun and the background of the Japigeo promontory.
The first sixteen villas are all in Tuscan style, with lace inlays but that did not present particular decorations because the architects worked on form. We must wait for the 1874 because the villas take on a new face with styles ranging from the Ionic to the Gothic, from the French to the Pompeian and the Risorgimento, from the Moorish to the Arabic and Chinese. The main architects were three: G. Ruggeri, Carlo Arditi and Achille Rossi.
A respectable villa had to have the family church, the well, a large garden with pines and palms in the green of the Mediterranean.
Holiday villas
Every year, in May, appointment with the "Ville in Festa" event with the opening to the public of the gardens of the most beautiful villas that embellish some corners of the two-sea town and the Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo: a unique opportunity to discover eclectic architecture made in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
A rich program is foreseen which includes, in addition to the visit of the exterior of the villas, performances by artists, tastings of wines and typical local products, screenings of short films and a touch of high fashion, with the intent to testify the need to make the villas of Santa Maria di Leuca an artistic and cultural heritage to be safeguarded.
The Villas in Festa di Leuca that open their splendid gardens are: Villa Arditi - Villa Arditi di Castelvetere - Villa Pia - Villa Cezzi - Villa Circolone - Villa Colosso - Villa Daniele - Villa Episcopo - Villa Fuortes - Villa La Meridiana - Villa Licci - Villa Ramirez - Villa Gioacchino Fuortes - Villa Sangiovanni - Villa Felicita - Villa Mellacqua - Villa Marcucci - Villa Scipione Sangiovanni - Villa Serracca - Villa Tamborino-Cezzi.

Swimming pool
Park or garden
Price: € 150 / day
Bedrooms: 5
Beds: 12
Events Salons: 2
Places For Events: 30
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Address: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 61
Postal Code: 73040
Country: Italy

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