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Villa Pisani in Vescovana

The villa was built in the first half of the'500 on commission of the Cardinal Francesco Pisani, Bishop of Padua, to make it the administrative seat of the landed properties acquired by the family in the 1478 in Lower Padua.

Following the transfer of the economic-financial interests of the family, the Venetian noble commissioned Andrea Palladio and to the majors architects e painters of time the construction and decoration of numerous city e palaces in the area, including the Palace of Montagnana and Monselice.

The history of Villa Pisani

Cunizza, Marchesa d'Este, Cardinal Francesco Pisani, Bishop of Padua Countess Evelyn van Millingen Pisani they are the absolute protagonists of the history of Villa Pisani of Vescovana: from ancient Medieval Court with the first noble Countess of Ravensburg and Saxony, sumptuous Renaissance palace with the Pisani family of Santo Stefano, until wonderful oasis of nature, with the creation, around the palace, of an extraordinary one eclectic garden it's a park romantic of English style; refined cultural living room cosmopolitan nineteenth with Evelina Pisani, wife of the last Lord of vescovana, Almorò III, which puts an end to the Pisan dynasty.
It was in the first half of the '500 that the Cardinal Francesco Pisani the construction of Villa Pisani began, on the ancient one Medieval fortress of Este and, at the same time, commissioned to Andrea Palladio il Palazzo Pisani of Montagnana and the Palazzetto Pisani of Monselice.

From this splendid mansion, from 1478 up to 1900, the Pisani family of Santo Stefano, who had bought thousands of fields from Republic of Venice, he governed his enormous feud in dry land.

Naturally, as it was in the family tradition, the villa was sumptuously frescoed da Paolo Veronese, Gian Battista Zelotti e Dario Varotari.

Evelina, born in Constantinople from an English father of Flemish origin, he lived for a long time in Turkey and England; in 1852, arrived in Venice, conquered with the charm of its beauty and its vast culture, the Count Pisani.

Thus divided his existence between Venice e vescovana, where he gave life to the garden, which she called hers Crispin de Passe because inspired byHortus Floridus dell'engraver e Flemish botanist by the 1600 Crispin van de Passe, in which he added evocative and symbolic elements of the Islamic garden and around which he created a very large romantic English park, Full of ancient plants and enriched by an extraordinary one stone furniture, with statues, fountains and a delicious one theater.

In his kingdom they lived as real as theEmpress of Germany Frederika, the Sweden, poets How Lord Byron, is writers How Henry James. A young writer also stayed there, Margaret Symonds who wrote his diary "Days spent on a Doge's Farm".

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Prices for events:

Weddings, Corporate events, Various events: quote on request


Whole property per day: € 1.300, breakfast included

Entire property for weekends: € 1.800, breakfast included

Entire property per week: € 7.500, breakfast included

Single room per day: € 140, breakfast included

Single room weekend: € 250, breakfast included

Single room per week: € 800, breakfast included

The prices displayed are per room in 2 beds - during the winter season we do not accept bookings for 1 room for 1 night


Single € 7 - Children € 4 (free under the 6 years) - FAI Members, Touring Club, Seniors over 70 years € 5

Groups starting from 15 people: € 6

Guided tour: € 25

Responsible: Mariella Bolognesi Scalabrin

Places of interest nearby:

Medieval villages like Monselice, Este, Montagnana; Venetian villas like Villa Badoer, Palladio (Fratta Polesine); Literary Park of the Euganean Hills; Arquà Petrarca (the House of the Poet); delta of the Po; Cities of art such as Padua, Vicenza, Ferrara, Mantua (all reachable in 30 minutes by car); Terme; Zoo; Chioggia and Sottomarina beach; Golf

Swimming pool
Pets allowed
Park or garden
Price: € 140 / day
Beds: 20
Events Salons: 8
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Address: Via Roma, 25-19-31
Postal Code: 35040
Country: Italy

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