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Automobile Museum

Posted by user1131 on May 12, 2015
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The Automobile Museum born in 1932 from an idea of ​​two pioneers of national motorsport, Cesare Goria Gatti e Roberto Biscaretti of Ruffia (first President of the Automobile Club of Turin and one of the founders of Fiat), e it is among the oldest automobile museums in the world.

Fu Carlo Biscaretti of Ruffia (son of Roberto), aristocratic from Turin born in 1879, to indissolubly link his name to the National Automobile Museum of Turin: as he was to create it, to gather its initial collection, to fight to make it come alive and work its whole life to give it a dignified home. Carlo Biscaretti was also its first president and after his death in September of the 1959, the Board of Directors decided to name the Museum in its name, which was then solemnly inaugurated on November 3 1960.

This is the only National Museum of its kind in Italy, housed in the headquarters designed byArchitect Amedeo Albertini, on the left bank of the Po a short distance from the Lingotto; it is one of the few buildings built specifically to house the collection of a museum and is also a rare example of modern architecture.

This museum boasts one of the rarest and most interesting collections of its kind, almost 200 original cars, from the middle of the 800 to the present day, of over eighty different brands, coming from Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland and the United States.

In the 2002 the top of the Museum begin to think of a work of renewal of the institution, forty years have passed and the Museum is now dated and obsolete, it is necessary a change that makes it more attractive.

In the summer of 2005 the works of the judging commission of the international competition for the renovation of the Museum, which saw the participation of about fifty architectural firms worldwide, were completed. The winner was the grouping made up of the architect Cino Zucchi, Recchi Engineering srl and Proger spa. The winning project (which responds to the requests of the call with a unitary approach capable of reorganizing the existing building and creating new spaces of relationship with the city), articulates the relationship between the quick perception from Corso Unità d'Italia and the a more intimate pedestrian area at its junction on via Richelmy.

In keeping with many contemporary European examples, the properly expository functions will be complemented by a series of complementary activities that will make the Museo dell'Automobile live at all hours of the day and evening; becoming a driving force behind the urban renewal of the southern quadrant of the city.

The project of the Zucchi architect will be enhanced with the settings of the Franco-Swiss set designer Francois Confino. The experience acquired by Francois Confino in other similar projects (in Turin he has already set up the cinema's Museum), has helped to imagine a new concept that will place the Museum of Turin at the forefront of the art of exhibiting cars. The common thread will be "The self observed as the creation of genius and human imagination" and this, first of all, in order to make the immense pool of talent, the creative talent, the craftsmanship and the entrepreneurial skills existing in Turin and Piedmont known and valued.

In the new Museum we will tell the story of the automobile, the transformation from a means of transport to a cult object, from its origins to the contemporary evolution of creative thought. Through the evolution of the car, we will tell the epochal steps of the company.

Address: Corso Unita d'Italia 40 - Turin

Phone: 011 677666