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Posted by user1131 on September 28, 2018
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La Serenissima Venice has for centuries dominated the Mediterranean and preserves the treasures of Constantinople, the gold of the mosaics and the splendor of the palaces that rise from the water. The genius of Palladium he gave to the Venetian villas on the mainland the architectural dignity of the temples of Ancient Greece which are now places of life, rest and hospitality. Many of these have always been inhabited and the descendants of the Doges of Venice produce them fine wines.

Our itinerary in the Veneto region:

The first day will be a Vicenza following in the private residences the developments of the architecture of Palladium from the beginning to the maturity, the second in the Palladian residences and not in the area of Treviso, the third in the campaigns of Padua between residences, historic cellars, vineyards to the Euganean Hills and private gardens to finish the last day along the Brenta with the masterpiece of the Malcontenta.

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