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Palazzo Marchesale Caracciolo

A majestic sixteenth-century palace in the center of Cervinara
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A 16th century palace in the Valle Caudina

16th century historic residence private, set in the heart of the ancient Valle Caudina, the enigmatic and splendid marquis palace Caracciolo del Balzo in cervinara (AV) stands majestically on Piazza Regina Elena, dominating it for about 90 meters. In the Palace we find a large central inner courtyard with a splendid stone fountain.

The History of the Palace

The embryo of the palace was built in the 1581 from Giovanni Vincenzo Scalaleone owner of the fief and prominent exponent of the Neapolitan toga nobility, in 163l the past residence of ownership assumed the current aspect of Renaissance palace, the architect of this restructuring that was placed halfway between architecture and esotericism, was Francesco Caracciolo Marquis of Cervinara and Mottola, In particular, Francesco had endowed him with a series of quite unusual decorative elements which at the time - as they still are - were covered with an indecipherable halo of mystery.

The facade of the building is in fact covered with symbols that seem to refer to and allude to Masonic symbolism, like the "Archipendolo", a measuring instrument consisting of a team and compass that is the symbol of Freemasonry and then again the "Cross Patent" or "Croce Templare", the "Lozenge", the "Flowers of Life", the " Flaming Sword "and so on. But the most unusual element is not so much represented by these decorations as by the fact that Freemasonry was officially formed only several decades later, the 24 June of the 1717, that is to say about fifty years after the death of Francis. It is therefore assumed that he may have been one of the very first adherents of the "Rosa Croce", a proto-Masonic sect that was born in Germany in the early 17th century 166.

On the other hand, the Marquis of Cervinara and Mottola who portrayed these symbols evidently wanted to pass on to them a message that could only be deciphered by initiates who were able to read and understand it.
In addition to these unusual "anticipations" of Freemasonry, another confirmation of his esoteric interests is found in the decorations of the "Hall of Justice" that Francis had built in the Marquis Palace.

The huge hall, by 22 meters for 9, possesses a splendid one wooden coffered ceiling and a cycle of tempera paintings where scenes taken from Liberated Jerusalem they are alternated with medallions with portraits of characters from the Caracciolo family.
In all probability it represents the first known pictorial transposition of Torquato Tasso's masterpiece. The famous epic poem, in fact, had been published only a few decades earlier, in the second half of the sixteenth century. It narrates the historical vicissitudes of the first crusade and naturally reports several episodes connected to magic and esotericism; however, many of these frescoes illustrate magicians and books with particular symbologies that do not appear to be described in Tasso's masterpiece, thus resulting in additions that were probably inspired by the Marquis's interests and esoteric studies.

To admire also i very rare coffered ceilings of the other salons and the decorations of the room of the Ark of Noah and that of the Uccellini. Not to be missed is the small papal chapel built by Marino Caracciolo which opens in the billiard hall, consecrated by Pope Benedict XIII, Pope Orsini, in the 1727 on the occasion of his visit to Cervinara

Laura Caracciolo of Sant'Eramo will marry the count at the end of 800 Giuseppe del Balzo from Presnzano, which will buy from the other heirs part of the building that will take the name of Palazzo Marchesale Caracciolo del Balzo.

Services offered

The Palazzo Marchesale is the ideal location to celebrate your wedding with style and elegance making it unique and memorable.
Moreover, a special day deserves a prestigious setting, able to transform the most beautiful day into a daydream. And this is exactly the spell that materializes at Palazzo Marchesale, where attention to detail and impeccable service will make the wedding reception an exclusive and unforgettable experience, to be preserved forever in the treasure chest of memory.

Getting married at Palazzo Marchesale in Cervinara means feeling at home, crossing space-time barriers and immersing yourself in a enchanting world made of authenticity, mystery e style of a real historical residence. A rich and variegated microcosm, multiform and varied, that smells of a sumptuous past and at the same time perfectly fits the present. Spouses at Palazzo Marchesale will feel at home from the first moment, welcomed by the great beauty of true history and all the charm of a remote past yet so alive and palpable.

One of the most beautiful environments is certainly the Hall of Justice, able to host up to 200 seated people, made unique by a coffered wooden ceiling and decorated with a band of frescoes depicting scenes from "La Gerusalemme Liberata" alternating with medallions with portraits of characters from the Caracciolo family. Next to the main salon, others unfold exclusive and elegant environments: three large adjoining rooms at the main salon, a characteristic courtyard enriched by a circular stone fountain, a large entrance hall with access to stables, ideal for thewelcome drink or even for the wedding party. And still the suggestive cellars for tastings, kitchens and large spaces for catering use.

Get married with a civil ceremony and religious ceremony

In the beautiful Abbey of San Gennaro, dated 1200 and located right in front of the Palace, it is possible celebrate the wedding with a religious ceremony, while for i civil marriages it is possible to foresee the celebration both in the open air in the courtyard and inside the Palace in the show called "billiard".

Wedding assistance

The feeling of feeling at home on the most beautiful day of one's life, the certainty of choosing the best the empathy of the hostess Laura Pirisi del Balzo, which will accompany the bride and groom step by step towards the choice of the best professionals in the sector, and the beauty of love merged with that of a historic building without equal are the unique and unrepeatable ingredients that will transform the wedding day at Palazzo Marchesale di Cervinara in a real daydream.

Spaces available for events

Il large frescoed hall 22m x 9, others 4 salons 8 × 8 all characterized by ceilings Seventeenth-century wooden coffered of great value, beautiful internal courtyard with stone fountain gushing in addition to stables e cellars e service areas for catering.

Sleep at the Palace

The bride and groom will have a romantic guest room where they can spend their wedding night


It is possible to visit the Palace by appointment only

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Bibliography on Palazzo Marchesale Caracciolo

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