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Palazzo Tornielli of Crestvolant

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Palazzo Tornielli of Crestvolant: events location in the Monferrato area

Palazzo Tornielli of Crestvolant in Molare is a exclusive location for weddings and private events in the province of Alexandria.

The Palace is in style neoclassic and was born on the private square (piazza conte Tornielli) closed by other buildings of the same period (the farmer's house, stables and small building with arch in the center) in neo-Gothic style. The building has an imposing symmetrical façade, with a protruding portal that gives space to a balcony at the top.

The windows are surrounded by simple decorations, while each floor is marked by a cornice. According to the original project, the building consisted of the first two floors (therefore up to the most protruding cornice). The front facade has a balcony in the center. Subsequently the building was raised by one floor and two turrets were built.
Entering from the main entrance you can see the two imposing side stairways leading to the upper floor, while a triumphal arch with the family crest is leaning against the access door to the ballroom. Also on the ground floor is the Bishop's room with a magnificent ceiling decorated in pure gold on a perfectly preserved blue background. The canopy bed from the 700th century in authentic red damask remains.

Going up the scenographic staircase, you access the billiard room also known as music Hall. The typical decorations of the period I resume i typical reasons for the Renaissance, in the tondi are represented the emblem Tornielli and those of the countess entered into the family.
Recently the C.te Federico has restructured the cellars now used for events.


Il Palazzo Tornielli of Molare rises from the ruins of a Malaspina castle. At the end of the 1200 Tommaso Malaspina moved to the town of Cremolino and construction over the centuries, no longer the seat of the feudal lord, lost its importance and was demolished in the 1625.
In the 1834 the C.te Celestino Tornielli bought the area and began the construction of the building that still today it is inhabited by the Tornielli family.
In 1840 Celestino Tornielli died and he was succeeded by the heir Giovanni who raised the building by one floor, having two turrets made and commissioned the internal decorations of the Ovada painter. Ignazio Tosi

Services: guided tours and private events at the Palazzo

Discover a historic building in Molare in the province of Alessandria through guided tours. The owner of the palace will guide visitors through the halls of the ancient residence. Visits are possible on the second and fourth Sunday of July, August and September. The palace is a perfect one location for weddings and exclusive private events 

Telephone: + 393334460736

Pets allowed
Park or garden
Events Salons: 10
Places For Events: 200
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: +393334460736
Address: Piazza Conte Tornielli, 1
Postal Code: 15074
Country: Italy
Phone: +393334460736

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