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Tenuta Berroni

Magic atmosphere of eighteenth-century Piedmont
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The Berroni Estate

The Estate was built in the 1773 as holiday home for the nobleman De Laugier; with a splendid park, a chapel and some rural buildings, it was a secluded country villa. The Estate was completely self-sufficient.

The villa has splendid decorations and antique furnishings inside; the furnishings were commissioned to the many artists who worked for the Castle of Racconigi.

Today the Countess of Castelbarco Visconti leads the visit through the elegant rooms of the Villa: the Red Room, the Dining Room, the Gallery, the Room of Carlo Alberto, the Blue Room and the Wardrobe Room.

Visit Villa Berroni

The architectural complex of typically French inspiration, welcomes and guides visitors through a gallery of tall and very ancient trees to rediscover the flavors of past times. The visit is fun, it seems to go back in time and the ancient inhabitants have just come out for a walk, leaving their things in every room: the table prepared for an elegant dinner, the bedrooms with vintage clothes and the furnishings scattered in graceful disorder.

Superb the great hall of honor on two floors (based on a drawing by Borra with Como and Lugano stucco) which welcomes the visitor at the entrance.

The park

The park owes its current form to subsequent redevelopment that has affected the entire estate since the early nineteenth century when, the illustrious landscapist of Corte, Giacomo Pregliasco, he put his hand to the anonymous project of the park, reworking it in romantic forms (1819) and giving it that discreet charm that is still appreciated during the comfortable walks along the banks of the pond sheltered from the high fronds of centuries-old trees.

There are many and interesting essences that populate the paths and meadows: beautiful mass flowering of the wild daffodils, of fragrant violets and primroses. In May it is the turn of the lilies and the beautiful collection of herbaceous peonies and later of the rare tree peonies. Many old English roses which, thanks to the landlady's passion, increases year by year and inebriates with its intense fragrance every corner in which they find shelter.

Location for weddings and events near Turin

the estate the ideal place for any ceremony. Carefully every detail is taken into consideration in order to create an unforgettable and magical reception.

The receptions are built around the spouses with particular attention to their desires and their dreams: the professionalism of the collaborators will make them unique and unrepeatable. Tenuta Berroni is the ideal choice for those who want to celebrate their reception or wedding in a place of great charm just outside Turin.

Hall of Honor: 60 people sitting, living room with heating

Hall with barrel vaults: 300 people sitting, living room with heating

tensile structure: 250 people sitting

Porch pool view: 120 people sitting

Staying at the estate

Berroni stablesIn the architectural complex of Tenuta I Berroni, in addition to the four agricultural farmsteads that surround it, the court of San Giorgio was also built, dedicated to the stables, shelter for carriages and coachman's apartments. The famous architect Carlo Ceppi, modernized them and made the lodgings of the pile-drivers more pleasant.

The current property has tastefully renovated the staff quarters and intended them for stays of small families, with particular attention to privacy and quiet.

They are two apartments of about 90 square meters each, consisting of a large living room with kitchenette, a bedroom with panoramic views and a large bathroom. They share a private garden with parking facilities, an entrance on the ground floor, a staircase and a corridor. The constraints of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage did not allow adaptation to overcome architectural barriers.

Places of interest nearby

Castle of Racconigi

Responsible: Countess Alessandra di Castelbarco

Park or garden
Price: € 100 / day
Bedrooms: 2
Beds: 3
Events Salons: 2
Places For Events: 300
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Phone: 3384534162
Address: Via Tenuta Berroni
Postal Code: 12035
Country: Italy
Phone: 3384534162

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