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Tower of Massimago

A place of peace between wine and history
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The Tower of Massimago in Padua

An ancient tower of the 300 recently restored and immersed in a century-old park in the center of Padua.

La location ideal for stay in a city of art of very ancient origins.

The rescue tower was born as military building built between XII and XIII century.

The tower is part of the ancient defensive walls of Padua and dates back to the city's greatest splendor, the age of the Carraresi, noble family that has ruled between the 1318 and the 1405 establishing the Lordship.

From the examination of the map of the walls of Vincenzo Dotto of the 1632 it is believed that a secret Passage still today to be discovered, connect the tower to the castle.

Currently consists of 3 units: an apartment with living room with fireplace and kitchen and double bedroom; a private room with a bathroom with a shower; a suite with frescoed double bedroom and a bright living room.

The history of the Torre di Massimago

La legend narrates that Padua was founded in 1183 ac by the Trojan prince Antenore and since then has developed as an important cultural and artistic center, known for its renowned university, the suggestive botanical garden and for the prominent personalities who lived there, contributing to give it luster in Europe and in the world, such as Giotto, Donatello e Galileo Galilei.

The tower is part of the ancient defensive walls of Padua and dates back to the era of greatest splendor of the city, the age of the Carraresi, a noble family that ruled between the 1318 and 1405 establishing the Lordship.

In the nineteenth century the tower was bought by the notary Antonio Piazza who used it, together with garden, to host his art collection and, after a brief period of abandonment, the Soccorso tower was returned to his family ancient fasti thanks to one scrupulous restoration intervention.



Weddings: come on 1000€
Company events: starting from 100 € / hour
Various events: on request

Park or garden
Price: € 200 / day
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 6
Events Salons: 1
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden:</