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Abbey of Sant'Angelo in Formis

Abbey of Sant'Angelo in Formis

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Posted by user1131 on July 23, 2015
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THEabbey of Sant'Angelo in Formis, Fraction Capua, it's a church abbey dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo and has the dignity of basilica minor.

The cycle of frescoes, which today can be admired inside the church, is attributable to the reconstruction of the building by theAbbot Desiderio; proof of this is his portrait in theapse with the square nimbus, intent on offering a Christ the model ofabbey, as well as theepigraph on the entrance portal.

La decoration moreover it is comparable with miniatures realized in the scriptorium dell 'abbey of Monte Cassino. The decorative program occupies the naves, apses and controfacciata.

The first construction of the basilica seems to date back toLombard period. At the time of the bishop of Capua Peter I church it was given as a gift to the monks of Montecassino, who wanted to build you a monastero.

Subsequently the church it was taken from the monks and given back to them in 1072 from then on Prince of Capua, Riccardo.

THEAbbot Desiderio of Montecassino, future Pope Victor III, he wanted to rebuild the basilica and he did so while respecting the ancient elements architectural from Pagan.

We owe him the right to him frescoes of school Byzantine-bell which can be admired inside and which constitute one of the most prestigious and best preserved pictorial cycles of the time in Southern Italy.

In the twelfth century, however, the reconstruction of the portico and bell tower.

La facade area of church is preceded by a arcade to five ogival arches supported by four column shafts, two of which are placed on the right and made in cipollino marble and two left built in gray granite, with Corinthian capitals different from each other and supported by further different architectural elements reused as a function of bases.

These elements of re-use are said to come from buildings belonging to the santuario pay.

On the right of the facade the suggestive is found bell tower.

Il portico, from which the interior is accessed, is a basilica plant with three naves, each of which ends in a 'apse.

Le column that divide the naves they have also been made with materials from buildings of Roman times.

via Luigi Baia 120a - Sant'Angelo in Formis, fraction of Capua - CE

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