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ADSI Piedmont

About Me

The ADSI Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, constituted the April 28 1977, was founded by Ippolito Calvi di Bergolo who held the position of first regional president.

Over the years there have been the following presidencies:

Carlo Marenco of Santarosa

Filippo Beraudo of Pralormo

Fabrizio Folonari

From 6 December 2018 the section presidency is entrusted to Sandor Gosztonyi.

The regional office hosted the Shareholders' Meeting in Turin in the 1993 and later in the 2008.

The section was created in conjunction with the establishment of the national association and, following the directives, is activated to create and consolidate the internal structure and at the same time to sensitize local institutions on the role that historic homes can play both in the cultural and in the tourist field.

Thus the ADSI Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta began to take stock of the heterogeneity of the Piedmontese residences, realizing over the years a general census through the "statistical data survey form" sent to the already existing members and to the new ones.

Thanks to the climate of interest shown by the policy towards private tied assets, and in accordance with the orientation of the members, it also begins an event campaign aimed at the general public and at the same time, to make a new guidance service available to the associates in terms of legal - tax aspects, it organizes various technical meetings.

The great effort made over the years to carry out all the events, recognizes the commitment of the regional headquarters for the dissemination of the important role that private historical buildings play in our country.

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