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Calciati Crotti Palace

a hidden jewel in the heart of the city of Cremona
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Calciati Crotti Palace


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Palazzo Calciati Crotti: a jewel in the heart of Cremona

Palazzo Calciati Crotti was born by the will of Count Cesare Calciati who built the building between 1763 and 1766. The palace, a noble residence that has kept intact the internal decorations, including the furniture, tapestries and furnishings, is located in via Palestro 1, in the heart of the city of Cremona. The history of this building is closely connected to that of the Calciati family who still owns it with the countesses Anna and Giuseppina Calciati Crotti. The building that over the years was gradually enriched with a sumptuous decorative apparatus, with frescoes by painters from the Cremonese school, was expertly restored between 2012 and 2015.

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