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Palazzo Latini

A corner of history in the heart of Collalto
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Palazzo Latini in Collalto Sabino

Palazzo Latini It is located in the heart of Collalto Sabino, intact medieval village at 1000 meters above sea level, an authentic eagle's nest on the border between Latium e Abruzzo. From 2004 offers itself as a starting point for those who want to discover the wonder of many castles, forts, towers e fortified villages that stand between Latium e Abruzzo, fascinating reality rich of history, even if of a minor Italy. Despite the proximity with Rome (20 minutes of highway), the atmosphere that reigns among the alleys of Collalto Sabino brings the traveler back to ancient memories.

Palazzo Latini

Palazzo Latini dates back to the fifteenth century. It has a very ancient scheme, with an irregular plan, typical of medieval buildings and is located at the highest point of the country. The building is on four floors with two unseen tower motifs, one located on the southern corner and the other on the main façade, at the staircase. Currently the two towers are at the same height of the building, but from historical information and from the examination of the structure of the same, we can easily deduce that they were raised, per day, for two sides covered with roof, similar to high altitudes. The windows, long and narrow or small and rectangular, placed in an asymmetric way, which clearly highlight the medieval nucleus of the enlargement characterize the most ancient part facing south and are composed of gray sandstone and limestone composite cornices. The portals, made of stone material with a simple fluted cornice, are three and frame the various access doors. The door of the cellars, from the original nailings, also leads to warehouses and pantries. The main portal is provided, in key, with a noble coat of arms representing a dove with an olive branch on three mountains and an eight-pointed star outside the shield: the Latini family crest. The first restoration works were carried out towards the middle of the 1700, as can be seen from the stucco coat of arms in the upper hall, decorated with a prelatic hat, which contains the epoch. The second most important restoration, with enlargement, occurred in the early nineteenth century, as can be seen from the date engraved on a window. One last work of restoration and, moreover, of functional reuse, was carried out many years ago by Gian Piero Latini, who with dedication and love, together with his wife Anna Giulia Enrici, has carefully maintained this palace, bringing it back to of a time. The demanding task of preservation and management of the building is now entrusted to the daughters Sabina and Federica.

Services: reception, wedding location and events in Lazio

Palazzo Latini offers hospitality for those wishing to visit the numerous castles and fortresses in the provinces of L'Aquila, Rieti and Rome, selected from those not more than an hour and a half drive from Collalto Sabino. Under construction in the cellars of the building, a multifunctional space for exhibitions, conferences, installations, events; a minimuseum of peasant civilization; a permanent representation of the crib. Small weddings and receptions are possible in another family home in Collalto Sabino, characterized by a rare example of an Italian garden at high altitude and by the noble family chapel of the Latini family, built in the 18th century and restored in the early 900 Eng. Antonio Latini, grandfather of the current owners.

Places of interest nearby

In addition to the cities of L'Aquila (01h02m - km 66), Rieti (01h07m - km 47) and Rome (01h17m - km 76), here is a selection of castles and fortresses in the same provinces, at a maximum distance of about a 'hour and a half drive from PALAZZO LATINI.
(AQ): Pereto, Castello Colonna (00h33m - km 19); Tagliacozzo, Doge's Palace (00h46m - 32 Km); Pizzoli, Castle Dragonetti de Torres (01h16m - 71 km); Collimento, Lucoli, Castello del Conte Odorisio (01h16m - km 68); Pacentro, Cantelmo-Caldora Castle (01h33m - 115 km); Pettorano sul Gizio, Castello Cantelmo (01h33m - km 119).
(RI): Collalto Sabino, Boron Castle Barberini (on foot - 20 meters); Oliveto, Castello (00h49m - km 32); Torricella in Sabina, Brancaleoni Castle (00h54m - 37 km); Frasso Sabino, Sforza Cesarini Castle (00h56m - 36 km); Ornaro, Orsini Castle (00h57m - 41 km), Collino Sabino, Casaprota, Rocca dei Cavalieri (00h58m - km 39); Montenero Sabino, Orsini Castle (01h09 - km 45); Poggio Mirteto, Castle (01h26m - 54 km); Stimigliano, Orsini Castle (01h34m - 80 km); Labro, Nobili Vitelleschi Castle (01h36m - 79 km); Torri in Sabina, Castle of Rocchette - Castle of Rocchettine (01h37m - km 114).
(RM): Vivaro Romano, Rocca Borghese (00h21m - km 14); Riofreddo, Colonna-Del Drago Castle (00h26m - 17 km); Arsoli, Castello Massimo (00h31m - 19 km); Roviano, Brancaccio Castle (00h37m - 22 km); Mandela, Castello Del Gallo (00h38m - 33 km); Vicovaro, Orsini Castle (00h39m - km 33); Sambuci, Castle Theodoli (00h41m - 36 km); Castel Madama, Orsini Castle (00h43m - 42 km); Cineto Romano, Orsini Castle (00h44m - 30 km); Length, Castello Medici Strozzi (00h52m - 58 km); San Gregorio da Sassola, Brancaccio Castle (00h54m - 47 km); Subiaco, Rocca dei Borgia (00h56m - km 37); San Polo dei Cavalieri, Orsini-Cesi-Borghese Castle (00h56m - 45 km); Rome, Casal de 'Pazzi (00h59m - 69 km); Rome, Cardinal Silj's Castle (01h02m - 78 km); San Vito Romano, Theodoli Castle (01h05m - 52 km); Rocca Priora, baronial castle Savelli (01h07m - km 77); Rome, Castello della Spizzichina (01h08m - 85 km); Rome, Castle of Cecchignola (01h09m - km 86); Palombara Sabina, Savelli Castle Torlonia (01h12m - 61 km); Rome, Castle of the Magliana (01h12m - km 95); Montelibretti, Castello Barberini (01h13m - 53 km); Rome, Castello Borghese della Crescenza (01h13m - km 81); Rome, Castello della Castelluccia (01h13m - 88 km); Nerola, Orsini Castle (01h16m - 46 km); Fiano Romano, Orsini Castle (01h18m - 58 km); Sant'Angelo Romano, Orsini-Cesi Castle (01h26m - 73 km); Monterotondo, Rocca Orsini Barberini (01h28m - 66 km); Civitella San Paolo, Castle of the Monks (01h30m - km 68); Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo (01h30m - 78 km).
In the province of Rome, Tivoli (00h50m - km 45) deserves special mention: do not miss the Rocca Pia, Villa Adriana, Villa d'Este and the Park of Villa Gregoriana.

Pets allowed
Park or garden
Price: € 120 / day
Bedrooms: 6
Beds: 12
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Address: Piazza San Gregorio, 1
Postal Code: 02022
Country: Italy

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