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Villa Cicogna Mozzoni

National monument: art, history and cultural identity.
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Villa Cicogna Mozzoni in Bisuschio

Villa Cicogna Mozzoni di Bisuschio, is an architectural complex designed and built in full Rinascimento.

The first body of the factory was used as Casino hunting and was built before the 1440.

within the Casino hunts were carried out by the brown bear, who then lived in the surrounding mountains.

One of these jokes remained memorable: in 1476, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, duke di Milan, a guest in that period of the family, was saved by Augustine Mozzoni and his dog from the jaws of a ferocious bear.

This extremely courageous act earned enormous favors and brought fortunes to the family.

About one century later, Giovanni Maino and Giovanni Francesco Mozzoni agree on a magnification and embellishment of the Casino hunting, turning it into one Villa of delights, adding two corpi di factory.

 The frescoes, dating between 1550 and the 1560 they are to be attributed to school of F.lli Fields di Cremona.

I gardens, whose arrangement remained unchanged in the central part, were implanted towards the 1560 from Ascanio Mozzoni, man of extreme culture that, during his travels to Firenze and Rome he was particularly attentive to what was being built in the villas Medici e pontifical and also took cues for the arrangement of the garden at seven levels.

In 1580, Ascanio's daughter married Giovan Pietro Stork from whose descendants we get to the current owners.

You can visit the 12 rooms frescoed e appointed, garden formal with the flight of steps of water, the park romantic and le greenhouses antique.

The story of Villa Cicogna Mozzoni

La villa it is U-shaped and its long sides open onto a perfect one garden all 'Italian closed on the bottom by a Wall di Stone, dug from niches and flanked by two fishponds.

The wall reaches the height of the first plan was originally the house in such a way that the garden it is practically incorporated in the villa, like a great one room open air, furnished with statues, of prati and wonderful fountains.

Al ground floor, two series of arches they realize a perfect continuity between the space external and internal, bringing light from the splendid garden, directly in the saloni.

In addition to Wall which closes the Renaissance garden, the hill continues to rise, following the line perspective of one of the most famous and wonderful stairways bywater of Five hundred: a double row of cypresses accompanies up to one gallery the look, which subsequently rediscovers following two ramp di bleachers in which one flows stream which brings the waters inside one fountain decorated with a mascherone, arranged at the height of windows was originally the room Plan noble.

La villa it is also surrounded by large ones terraces with big ones gardens Italian. Once up to the belvedere, begins park romantic.

Il garden it is greatly inspired by the great architecture Renaissance Roman, but his greatness and'impressiveness of the views it is reabsorbed into a dynamic game that, in its splendor, replaces theelegancewhile the extreme amplitude it changes into a serene measure.

It is possible to make one visit guided in the 12 ambienti interior completely frescoed (1540-1550) and furnished with furnishings, paintings e objects of various ages.|


Weddings: from € 3.000
Business events: from € 2.000
Other Events: quote on request

Restaurants sectors: € 14,00 Coffee Break - € 17,00 Aperitif - € 44,00 buffet lunch only on request for groups of minimum 20 people.

Visit: € 7,00 single - € 5,00 for groups minimum 20 people - € 3,00 children - € 6,00 ADSI and FAI members - € 18,00 guided tour in English (or Italian) with the owner.

Opening times: from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October.
Days and opening hours: Only Sundays and Holidays 9: 30-12: 00 and 14: 30-19: 00 - For groups of minimum 20 people also open midweek.

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Phone: 3472775981
Address: Viale Cicogna, 8
Postal Code: 21050
Country: Italy
Phone: 3472775981

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