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Posted by user1131 on July 17, 2015
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Matera, a city among the oldest in the world whose territory holds evidence of human settlements from the Paleolithic and without interruptions to our days, is also known as the City of the Sassi, unique example in the world of rock settlement and the third most anti-historic city in the world.

It's a city completely carved into the rock, a group of caves overlapping one another, which changed shape over time to adapt to the needs of their inhabitants, but have always distinguished the existence of the Materans.

That's why i Sassi of Matera they represent a work of art which was attended by hundreds of thousands of artists united by a single objective: live by what nature offered them and secure a roof under which to live.

The entire inhabited rock is formed by the districts (Sasso) Caveoso, (Stone) Barisano and Civita. Along the many lanes it is possible to stop to see the many rupestrian churches, the ancient ovens, channeling system e collection of the rainwater, system that represents an important example of how man has managed to live in places lacking in water, exploiting ingenuity and developing a creative and efficient system.

Everything is rock. Forms change, but the substance remains the same, present and diffused everywhere. In spring and in summer i Sassi they take on a color that is halfway between the Mediterranean colors and the sub-desert colors of the Sahara. In autunno and in winterinstead, with a color tending to brown gray, they blend with the sky and the surrounding area.

Curiosity: One of the aspects that surely amazes of the Sassi of Matera it's the way they went from being shame of Italy to be the first UNESCO site southern Italy and again the European Capital of Culture for the 2019.